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What is the vocabulary for perspective?

What is the vocabulary for perspective?

Perspective Vocabulary. Horizon Line – the artist’s eye level. Parallel lines – lines that are equal distance apart and never meet. Converging lines – lines that appear to meet at a vanishing point on the horizon. Perpendicular lines – line at a right angle to another line.

Which 3 terms are used in perspective drawing?

In order to understand human perception, there are three important tools for perspective drawing: The horizon line, vanishing points, and vanishing lines.

What are the five key terms in perspective?


  • Ground Plane.
  • Picture plane.
  • Eye Level / Horizontal Plane.
  • Horizon Line.
  • Vanishing Point.
  • Station Point.
  • The cone of vision.

What do you need to know about drawing vocabulary?

Drawing Vocabulary Cont… •Blending – Technique of shading through smooth, gradual application of value. •Pastels – Pigments held together with gum and molded into sticks. •Perspective – Refers to two major systems for showing depth and distance in a work of art (linear perspective and atmospheric perspective).

Which is the best definition of perspective drawing?

A technique used in perspective drawing to create the illusion that an object, usually parts of the human body, recede strongly into the distance or background. A technique where textures are obtained by rubbing pencils, chalk or charcoal over a granular or relieflike surface. A piece of art made out of geometric shapes.

What do you mean by linear perspective in art?

As its word origin suggests, it creates an outline of the subject. Refers to linear perspective in a drawing or painting. It’s the phenomena whereby all parallel lines converge together as they run along to a point at a person’s eye level.

How to draw letters with one point perspective?

One Point Perspective Letters Once comfortable drawing cube-like forms to a single vanishing point you can easily apply the same technique to lettering. One point perspective will allow letters and words to pop out with a great looking, realistic 3D effect! Even if lettering is not your thing, pay close attention here.