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What is the meaning of surah Iqra?

What is the meaning of surah Iqra?

Quran 97 → Congealed Blood (Arabic: العلق‎, al-ʻalaq, aka “The Clot” or “The Clinging Thing”), is the 96th chapter (sūrah) of the Qur’an. It is composed of 19 verses (āyāt). It is sometimes also known as Sūrat Iqrā (سورة إقرا, “Read”). Chapter 96 is traditionally believed to have been Muhammad’s first revelation.

What is the meaning of Iqra Bismi Rabbika Alladzi khalaq?

To seek knowledge is a sacred duty; it is obligatory on every Muslim, male and female. “ IQRA BIISMI RABBIKA ALLAZI KHALQ”. Read! In the name of your Lord who created (all the exists).

What is the translation of Surah Alaq?

Surah Alaq (in Arabic text: العلق‎) is the 96th Surah of the Qur’an and the meaning is “The Clot” or “The Clinging Thing”. It is a Meccan Surah composed of 19 ayat (verses).

What is special about Surah Al Alaq?

Al-Alaq which is the name of the Surah, refers to the origin of man in the third stage of embryogenesis as described in the Holy Qur’an. The Surah also refers to the word “qalam” or pen as significant tool of writing.

Is there a transliteration of the Quran in English?

Transliteration of the Quran is the process of transferring the Arabic word to English to helps Muslims who have difficulty reading the Arabic Text of the Quran. Al l Surah also include English translation so you can understand the message behind every ayat. We are currently rolling out Tafsir by Ibn Kathir for each of the Surah’s as well.

Which is the best translation of the surah Isra?

1. Exalted is He who took His Servant by night from al-Masjid al-Haram to al-Masjid al- Aqsa, whose surroundings We have blessed, to show him of Our signs. Indeed, He is the Hearing, the Seeing. وَءَاتَيْنَا مُوسَى ٱلْكِتَـٰبَ وَجَعَلْنَـٰهُ هُدًۭى لِّبَنِىٓ إِسْرَ‌ٰٓءِيلَ أَلَّا تَتَّخِذُوا۟ مِن دُونِى وَكِيلًۭا 2.

How many verses are in Surah Al-Alaq?

Surah Al-Alaq is the 96th Surah of the Holy Quran. The total number of verses in this surah is 19. Surah Al-Alaq means “The Clot” and it was revealed in Meccan. The English Translation and Transliteration of Surah Al-Alaq are given below.

Can you recite the Quran in MP3 format?

With our Al Quran explorer feature, just with a tap, you can select the Surah you want to recite or listen Quran mp3 audio! Offering your Holy Quran Translation and Quran Transliteration in English and several other languages, Quran recitation has never been easier.