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What is the latest GHD straightener model?

What is the latest GHD straightener model?

One of the latest GHD straighteners, the Platinum+ Black Styler, took five years to develop and features ground-breaking ‘smart’ predictive technology that controls heat based on the thickness of your hair, the section of hair you’re straightening and your styling speed – changing the power to optimise your styling …

Is GHD 4 or 5 better?

When ghd released the V styler, it became an instant success. With the same amazing versatility and flawless results of the IV, the V has some great additional features. The contoured barrels make it easier than ever create curls and waves, while the lighter, cooler casing make it even more comfortable.

What is an IV Styler?

Achieve a variety of sleek and glossy hairstyles with the ghd Original IV Styler. A multifunctional device, this classic hair straightener works to create a multitude of styles whatever the occasion, ranging from curly and voluminous to satin straight.

How does the GHD classic original IV hair straightener work?

An award-winning, classic ghd original IV hair straightener with a single heat setting for optimal temperature to effortlessly straighten, curl, or wave every hair type for smooth, frizz-free results. Styles easily, smooths & eliminates frizz for lasting results. The styler is a brilliant tool every day good hair!

Which is the best GHD Styler to buy?

In our opinion, the GHD Original Styler is the best. THat’s not to say that the other models aren’t as good performance-wise, though. What makes the GHD Original IV Styler our favourite is the fact it’s small, lightweight and travel-friendly. It’s affordable, a classic and very simple to use.

What kind of hair products does GHD use?

Get long-lasting curls, on all hair types, in just one stroke with the new ghd oracle™. Create your ultimate hairstyle with a collection of ghd styling products featuring our advanced hair styling technology. Give your hair that salon finish every day with the ghd hair brush range.

Which is better GHD platinum or GHD original?

The considerably more expensive GHD Platinum+ model (£189 compared to the £109 GHD original) not only has a sleeker design but also left our two testers’ hair types looking more naturally straight and glossy than the GHD Original IV.