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What is the difference between Intersite and intrasite replication?

What is the difference between Intersite and intrasite replication?

Intrasite replication takes place between servers in a site using RPCs, whereas intersite replication is mail-based and takes place over a DRC between bridgehead servers in separate sites.

What is an Intersite?

The intersite topology generator is an Active Directory process that defines the replication between sites on a network. It runs the KCC to determine the replication topology and resultant connection objects that the bridgehead servers can use to communicate with bridgehead servers of other sites.

What is Intrasite in Active Directory?

Intrasite and Intersite replication. In intrasite replication, all the domain controllers inside the same site will replicate each other. In Intersite replication, Selected Domain controllers of two different sites will replicate during specified interval.

What is the default frequency of Intersite link replication?

every 3 hours
Intersite replication occurs every 3 hours by default.

What’s the difference between intra site and inter site replication?

Hi, The difference between these two replication topologies can be summarised below: Intra-site replication refers to replication between domain controllers in the same site whereas Inter-site replication refers to replication between DCs belonging to different sites.

What are the characteristics of Intersite replication traffic?

This means that intersite replication traffic has the following characteristics: Replication is initiated according to a schedule rather than when changes are made. To manage replication between sites, you must configure a site link connecting the two sites.

What are the intersite and Intrasite topologies?

9.1 Intrasite and Intersite Topologies. Two distinct types of replication links exist with Active Directory sites: intrasite (within sites) and intersite (between sites). An Active Directory service known as the Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) is responsible for automatically generating the replication links between intrasite DCs.

When to use SMTP for Intersite replication?

By using SMTP as the transport, all replication traffic is converted to e-mail messages that are sent between the sites. Because SMTP replication is asynchronous, it can be a good choice when you do not have a permanent connection between sites or when you have unreliable connections between sites.