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What is the average length of a Suburban?

What is the average length of a Suburban?


Wheelbase (in. / mm): 130 / 3302
Overall Length (in. / mm): 224.3 / 5697
Overall Width (in. / mm): 80.5 / 2045
Overall Height (in. / mm): 74.4 / 1890
Track (in. mm): 68.7 / 1745 (front) 68.7 / 1744 (rear)

What is the length of a 1990 Suburban?

219.1 in
Used 1990 Chevrolet Suburban Specs & Features

Cargo capacity, all seats in place 104.4 cu.ft.
Gross weight 6250 lbs.
Height 73.8 in.
Length 219.1 in.

What is the longest Chevy Suburban?

The latest 12th-generation Chevrolet Suburban measures a stout 225.7 inches (5.73 metres) bumper to bumper. [UPDATE: It’s been drawn to our attention that the Ford Excursion SUV, circa 2005, beats out the Suburban by exactly an inch for title of longest-ever SUV. Yes, that’d be 226.7 inches of truck.

What are the specs of a 1998 Chevy Suburban?

Detailed features and specs for the Used 1998 Chevrolet Suburban including fuel economy, transmission, warranty, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more. Read reviews, browse our car inventory, and more.

How big is the back of the suburban?

Remember, the backs of the seats are tilted to the rear so that makes an angle in the luggage compartment that effectively shortens the distance to the rear door. So from the 2nd row seat headrests to the back door/hatch it’s probably around 60″.

What are the facts about a 1990 Chevy Suburban?

This page is dedicated to facts, specifications and statistics specific to the 1990 Suburbans only. Much of the information applies to 1989-91 Suburbans as well as there are very little changes within the last 3 years of the 7th generation. To cover all the years of the Suburban starting from 1935 would be a major undertaking.

What kind of transmission did the Chevy Suburban have?

This model generation was based on the Chevrolet Advance Design series of pickups. Beginning in 1953, the Hydra-Matic 4-speed automatic transmission was available in GMC models and in the 1954 model year Chevrolet Suburbans.