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What is steering angle reset?

What is steering angle reset?

The procedure resets the steering angle to match the vehicle’s new thrust line after the alignment has been completed. A steering angle reset has become a necessary last step in a wheel alignment.

What is steering angle calibration?

Calibration of a steering angle sensors may be needed after an airbag deployment, structural repairs, or a wheel alignment. Calibration is normally done with a scan tool. The calibration process is normally done by putting the wheels in the straight forward position, and then zeroing out the sensor with a scan tool.

What is the caster angle on a steering wheel?

Caster Caster is the angle formed by a line through the pivot points and a vertical line through the stub axle. It can be negative or positive. Caster assists in the self-centering action of the steering Caster is nota tyre wearing angle Excessive variation side to side means the vehicle will pull to the side of least positive caster

How are steering and wheel alignment angles affected?

Camber Angles are affected by the following: Changes to vehicle ride height Uneven loading of vehicle Body roll during cornering Road camber Condition of the suspension Ride height of each spring Caster angle When you change your camber angle, wheel alignment should be checked and adjusted accordingly. 3. Steering Axis Inclination (SAI)

Which is the steering axis inclination ( SAI )?

Steering Axis Inclination (SAI) Steering Axis Inclination, or SAI, is the angle formed between pivot points and vertical line through center of wheel. SAI is notadjustable SAI is a diagnostic angle SAI assists steering returnability 4. Included Angle The Included Angle is a diagnostic angle that’s obtained by: Adding positive camber to SAI

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