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What is single spindle automatic lathe?

What is single spindle automatic lathe?

34.2 shows the general layout of sliding head type single spindle automatic machine. The bar stock is fed through a sliding headstock and held by a collet chuck. It has a sliding headstock which is traversed by a bell or plate type cam.

What is a single spindle machine?

A single-spindle machine is, of course, a machine with a single spindle, which is often used for lower volume batches. Single-spindle machines are less expensive and more appropriate for very small operations, but for larger operation and high-volume projects, they are less competitive.

What is multi spindle automatics?

Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe This type of machine has the ability to provide various types of operations which include boring holes, turning, chamfering, threading, grooving as well as drilling and this is done by moving the piece that is being worked on between six to eight positions in the machine.

Is spindle solid in lathe machine?

It is not solid. The spindle is hollow in headstock and it is supported by the headstock. Apart from these two, variable speed motor is also used to vary the speed of a lathe spindle. 6.

Which is the best multi spindle automatic machine?

More than 135 years of machine tool innovation and tradition, Schütte offers the most extensive lineup of Multi-Spindle automatic machines. With Schütte CNC and CAM automatics you can pursue with confidence, the most difficult parts and materials with the kind of speed, accuracy, and rigidity that is synonymous with our name.

Do you need a bar stop on a multi spindle machine?

On multi-spindle feed bases, each spindle can be indexed in line with the work axis when required. In this type of machine, no special bar stop is required because the headstock itself traverser. The parting off tool is left in the forward position after cutting through the bar in previous operation.

How big are the spindles on a Schutte multi spindle automatic?

The 9-spindle platform has two counter spindles, allows chucking up to a diameter of 130 mm and applies a ø 46 mm round bar capacity. Schütte offers the second stage of its “Generation SCX” modular multi-spindle automatics, a successful entry to the market for high-production, complete part machining.

What are the different types of automatic machines?

Automatic lathes can be classified as follows: (i) Single spindle automatics (ii) Multi spindle automatics (iii) Chucking machines (iv) Horizontal spindle machines (v) Vertical spindle machines. 6.