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What is SDRQCR21 in sap?

What is SDRQCR21 in sap?

The well-known program SDRQCR21 regenerates materials requirements from SD documents. You can just correlate the program SDRQCR21 with MRP run. Now If you know whats the MRP and its basics then the below description will be good for you.

How do I run a SDRQCR21 program in SAP?

Run the program SDRQCR21 in SA38. In the ensuing selection screen, Give the inputs of material number, plant and if possible document number, and execute. You have to schedule this job before MRP run at plant level (creating variant from SE38).

How do I delete an MD04 entry?

So, to close the open PR and remove that requirement from MD04 one need to close PR manually….How to Remove A Requirement from MD04?

  1. Check PR line item.
  2. Check the quantities and dates tab to choose the closed check box.
  3. Mark PR as Closed.
  4. Then perform according to the below given image:

What happens after PGI?

Once PGI is performed, stock reduces from the companies stock and the delivery is completed. No longer have the goods remained as the property of the company, as soon as PGI is done.

When to use report / sapapo / sdrqcr21?

SAP recommends to schedule the report /SAPAPO/SDRQCR21 on a weekly basis. Since the report /SAPAPO/SDRQCR21 can’t be run during operation hours, its long runtime might be a bottleneck Setting the flag read requirements from table VBBE can significantly improve the performance. It should be used only you have reliable VBBE table

What can the sdrqcr21 program be used for?

This program is used for to regenerate the sales/delivery requirements. Example: sales order 1000 is created on some date. Now may be you have put the reason for rejection to the sales order but the stock requirement list MD04 is still holding the qty against to the sales document. Execute SDRQCR21 program by selecting data Transfer option.

Why does sdrqcr21 report does not update md04 result?

SDRQCR21 report doesn’t update MD04 result. We had quite a lot customer orders be re-scheduled everyday for some reason. According to OSS note : 25444 & 998102 we have to run the report SDRQCR21 with option “data transfer” to correct stock /requirement list. But nothing happen after run the report. It may be useful.

Do you type in time interval in sdrqcr21?

We may be asked to type-in the time-interval fields when we run SDRQCR21 report for allocation assignments – but this is impractical. Users who run the report are not expected to know the current initialized time period and accordingly maintain the dates.