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What is plural society in the Caribbean?

What is plural society in the Caribbean?

Rather than being what used to be called a “melting pot,” the Caribbean island nation of Trinidad and Tobago constitutes a “plural society,” that is, a place where two distinct ethnic groups live largely separate lives. Most of its supporters are Afro-Trinidadian, the descendants of people who were brought as slaves.

What is plural society in Malaysia?

INTRODUCTION: THE MEANING OF NEW POLITICS IN MALAYSIA. Most researchers of Malaysia take off from the perspective that Malaysia is a “plural society” wherein two or more “races” live side by side in one political unit, yet do not mingle with one another.

What is a plural society in anthropology?

A plural society is defined by Fredrik Barth as a society combining ethnic contrasts: the economic interdependence of those groups, and their ecological specialization (i.e., use of different environmental resources by each ethnic group).

What did Furnivall mean by plural society?

Furnivall’s concept of the “plural society” (see Colonial Policy and Practice: a Comparative Study of Burma and Netherlands India [1948]) refers not simply to a diversity of races, but the problematic nature of such societies that emerged under European colonial regimes. In a plural society people “mix but do not combine”.

What are the problems of a plural society?

Many of the societies which have problems of multicultural governance are former multi ethnic colonies. A theory of such colonial and postcolonial societies draws particularly on the work of J. S. Furnivall and M. G. Smith. According to Furnivall, different ethnic groups in a plural society meet only in the marketplace.

Is the plural society in Java a mestizo society?

Revisiting Furnivall’s ‘plural society’: Colonial Java as a mestizo society? J. S. Furnivall’s characterization of Java in the last half‐century of colonial rule as a ‘plural society’ has largely been taken for granted by most scholars who have supported or opposed the applicability of the concept in a Caribbean or African context.

What was the plural society of colonial Java?

In the ‘plural society’ of colonial Java, according to Furnivall, Europeans, Chinese and natives each held by their own religion, their own culture and language, meeting as individuals only in the market place.