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What is Mimosa root bark?

What is Mimosa root bark?

Mimosa Hostilis is a perennial tree that is native to the northeastern region of Brazil and has been in the public eye for a while due to its root bark. This plant’s root bark is one of Ayahuasca’s main ingredients, a shamanistic brew with intensely powerful hallucinogenic properties.

What is Tepezcohuite good for?

Tepezcohuite has been used in traditional medicine to treat many health issues, such as cough, bronchitis, vaginal infections, stomach ulcers, and pain.

What is Tepezcohuite powder?

Tepezcohuite powder also called “skin tree” is rich in flavonoids, it is recognized for its exceptional virtues. The crushed Tepezcohuite bark was used by Mayan healers for its magic effect to relieve and treat skin lesions and burns and heal wounds without leaving marks.

Can Tepezcohuite help acne?

💧INTENSIVE HYDRATING MOISTURIZER WITH MAGICAL HEALING POWER — Tepezcohuite cream is formulated to provide the best healing and hydration solution for all skin types. Its magic healing powers work for acne scars, sunburns, eczema, small wounds. It can help reduce inflammation as well as control breakouts.

Where does tepezcohuite get its ingredients from?

Tepezcohuite is derived from the bark of Mexico’s ‘skin tree’, this non-toxic organic ingredient is a wonderful natural skin care product. Extensive research has been performed in labs throughout the world.

Why is tepezcohuite good for your skin?

The qualities of tepezcohuite are widely recognized for its therapeutic action in various ailments and injuries, but mostly for burns. The powdered bark of tepezcohuite have large amounts of tannins that act as astringents, causing the skin to stop bleeding and protect the body from infection.

What do you need to know about tepezcohuite bark?

Here are some of the main identified components of tepezcohuite bark: Glucosides: This is derived from glucose or sugar. Glucosides may act as a mild cleanser to the skin. Lipids: Lipids are fats, found in all living cells.

How much does tepezcohuite cream cost per ounce?

Such availability is a good option for consumers who want to save on shipping charges when trying this cream. The cost of Tepezcohuite cream will vary between brands, but tends to hover in the $20 – $40 range for about two ounces of product.