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What is meant by synchronization data?

What is meant by synchronization data?

Data synchronization is the process of establishing consistency among data from a source to a target data storage and vice versa and the continuous harmonization of the data over time.

What happens when you sync data?

The sync function on your Android device simply syncs things such as your contacts, documents, and contacts to certain services such as Google, Facebook, and the likes. The moment the device syncs, it simply means that it is connecting data from your Android device to the server.

Is it safe to sync data?

Sync doesn’t collect, sell or share your personal data or app usage information to advertisers or third-parties, and we do not claim ownership of your data. Sync is safe to use, no matter where your business operates, with USA, EU / UK GDPR, and Canadian compliance built-in, including Canadian data residency.

Should I have sync on or off?

Turning off auto syncing for Google’s services will save some battery life. In the background, Google’s services talk and sync up to the cloud. This will also save some battery life.

What are the applications of data synchronization?

It is fundamental to a wide variety of applications, including file synchronization and mobile device synchronization e.g., for PDAs. Synchronization can also be useful in encryption for synchronizing Public Key Servers.

When does synchronization occur on a mobile device?

Synchronization occurs when a mobile device communicates with applications on a personal computer or a server.

What happens when data is synchronized in SQL Server?

If conflicts were detected and resolved, work that was committed by some of the users is changed to resolve the conflict according to policies you define. Snapshot publications completely refresh the schema at the Subscriber every time synchronization occurs, so all schema changes are applied to the Subscriber.

What does the word’synchronize’mean in English?

synchronize. verb. (UK usually synchronise) uk. Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 audio. / ˈsɪŋ.krə.naɪz / us. Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 audio. / ˈsɪŋ.krə.naɪz /. [ I or T ] to ( cause to) happen at the same time: