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What is king pin inclination angle?

What is king pin inclination angle?

On current suspension systems, the kingpin is set at an angle to the vertical plane when viewed from the front or rear of the vehicle. This angle is known as the king pin inclination. The purpose of the KPI is to produce vertical displacement of the vehicle in during steering in an upward direction.

What is spindle inclination?

2 Spindle inclination the angle of that king pin inclination to the spindle part that the wheel bolts to. This matches for the most part to the King pin to keep the contact patch level with the ground, excluding static camber. These when put together with static caster and camber and camber gain, do jack weight.

What is axle inclination?

The steering axis inclination, θ, is defined as the angle measured in the front elevation between the steering axis (sometimes referred to as the ‘kingpin’ axis from the days when a physical pin was used within a beam axle assembly) and the vertical.

Why is kingpin inclined?

The kingpin angle has an important effect on steering, making it tend to return to the straight ahead or centre position because the straight ahead position is where the suspended body of the vehicle is at its lowest point.

What happens when you tilt a swivel pin wheel?

The consequences of tilting the swivel pin axis is the proportional lowering of the stub axle axis in the horizontal plane as the wheel assembly swivels about its pivot points relative to the straight ahead position (Figure 10.6(a and b)).

What do you mean by king pin inclination?

SAI is also known as kingpin inclination (KPI) and is the imaginary line drawn through the kingpin as viewed from the front. tends to raise the vehicle. Never stop learning. Stream your passions, your “aha” feelings, your mind-blown moments. Try 14 days of Wondrium on us. During turning of the wheel, this inclination raises the vehicle.

Where is the contact centre of a swivel pin?

If the swivel ball or pin axis is vertical (perpendicular) to the ground, its contact centre on the ground would be offset to the centre of the tyre contact patch ( Figure 10.4 ).

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