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What is ice skating What are the rules to follow to ice skate safely?

What is ice skating What are the rules to follow to ice skate safely?

Always obey rink rules, such as skating in the same direction as other skaters. Always be alert and aware of surroundings. Never wear earphones or talk on a cell phone while ice-skating. When possible and if circumstances warrant, wear a helmet.

When using ice What are 2 rules you must follow?

Basic rules governing all behavior 1. Please respect the rights of others. 2. Please respect the arena’s property and the property of others.

Can you touch the ice in figure skating?

One hand – picking up one hand off the ice, usually right for a right-handed person. No hands – neither hand is touching the ice, more difficult to get upper body low to the ice. Catch foot – a one-handed hydroblade where the hand not on the ice grasps the free foot.

How much time do ice skaters spend ice skating?

Synchronized skaters usually skate at least two to three days a week , sometimes more. Some serious recreational skaters join synchronized skating teams that charge yearly tuition for ice time, instruction, costume costs, warm-up suits or uniforms, and travel expenses.

How do you do ice skating?

How to do Ice Skating: Step 1: Start standing on the ice. Step 2: Now push off with your left foot as you bring your right foot down. Step 3: Continue this motion as you skate. Step 4: Just as you would use your arms in a running motion, use your arms to skate.

What do figure skaters do in the ice rink?

The Rinks offer a number of daily freestyle skating sessions for figure skaters. These are special sessions provided for the practice of jumps, spins, turns, steps, moves in the field , etc. Skaters are allowed to share the sound system in order to practice their routines to music.

What are the rules for figure skating?

Rules of Figure Skating Athletes in Figure Skating must keep their performances varied. The Zayak Rule states that no participant can attempt triple or quadruple jumps on more than two occasions. Judges may also mark down participants or disqualify them completely if they fail to adhere to rules and regulations for music and costumes.