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What is HUR equipment?

What is HUR equipment?

HUR’s equipment is pneumatic; it runs entirely on air pressure. This means that there is no use of traditional ‘free-weights’ when exercising. Rather, the machines are connected to an air compressor that powers your entire gym. This comes with a number of advantages not seen in regular gyms. INCREMENTAL WEIGHTS.

What is the basic equipment for home?

A mat. If you want to get in shape at home, you will 100% need a mat.

  • Resistance bands. This is another core piece of equipment that should be a part of everyone’s home gym.
  • A jump rope.
  • Dumbbells.
  • A pull up bar.
  • A kettlebell.
  • A workout bench.
  • What was the first machine to use exercise equipment?

    Exercise treadmills. The first US patent for a treadmill “training machine” (#1,064,968) was issued on June 17, 1913. The forerunner of the exercise treadmill was designed to diagnose heart and lung diseases, and was invented by Robert Bruce and Wayne Quinton at the University of Washington in 1952.

    What kind of exercise equipment does Hur use?

    HUR supports effective active aging fitness programs with easy-to-use strength training equipment, accurate balance testing and training equipment, and computerized technology to enable safe, independent and efficient exercise. “The HUR Smart Technology is great.

    What makes a Hur machine good for seniors?

    Changing between exercises is quick and easy by touch screen display. Its versatility makes it suitable for regular exercisers, athletes, seniors and wheelchair and rehabilitation users. As with all HUR machines the Natural Transmission mechanism makes the equipment easy and safe to use regardless of the speed of movement.

    Where can I find a list of Hur distributors?

    Every feature of HUR’s solutions has been designed to simplify use, ensure safety, and increase motivation – for a variety of ages and abilities. You can also go to the page Contact for a list of all distributors. Please find your HUR distributor in the map.

    Why do you need Hur strength training equipment?

    WHY HUR? HUR is a specialized strength training solution specifically designed for older adults in senior living, active aging, inclusive wellness and rehabilitation centers. Our equipment provides a safe, easy to use, and effective full-body workout for wellness, preventive, rehabilitative, and maintenance training.