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What is electrical work Qld?

What is electrical work Qld?

Work: Electrical work. The carrying out of electrical work under the Electrical Safety Act does not require a QBCC contractor licence. This work is regulated and licensed by the Electrical Safety Office. A QBCC contractors licence is only required to carry out or undertake to carry out work that is building work.

What is considered electrical work?

Electrical work means wiring for, installing, and repairing electrical apparatus and equipment for electric light, heat, and power. Electrical work means the installation, alteration, reconstruction, or repair of electrical wiring. It may include the supervision or inspection of electrical work.

Who can perform electrical work in Queensland?

Section 56 of the ES Act states that businesses carrying out electrical work for others must have an electrical contractor licence….An electrical mechanic can perform all electrical work, such as:

  • install or change an overhead electrical line.
  • install electrical wiring.
  • repair any electrical equipment.

What electrical work can a non qualified person do?

What Are DIYers And Non-qualified Handymen Permitted To Carry Out? Anything that includes replacement, minor repairs and like for like changes such as adding extra (or moving) switches, lights and plug sockets. Changing old or damaged electrical wires.

Can a contractor do electrical work in Queensland?

For the public. Only an electrical contractor can do electrical work in your home. It is unlawful to do this work without a licence. For safety reasons your electrician will need to turn power OFF. Working with a power supply still live is generally not allowed in Queensland.

Why are electrical safety laws important in Queensland?

The review will ensure that Queensland’s electrical safety laws continue to provide high standards of safety for workers and communities, while recognising that new and emerging technologies have led to significant changes for electricity generation, storage, and supply across the state.

What does it mean to do electrical work?

What is electrical work? Under section 18 of the Electrical Safety Act 2002 (the Act), electrical work includes “the manufacturing, constructing, installing, testing, maintaining, repairing, altering, removing, or replacing of electrical equipment”. This covers tasks like: installing a new power point

Where to report dangerous electrical work in Queensland?

Report unlicensed or dangerous electrical work to the Electrical Safety Office. When purchasing electrical equipment, you might see a ‘Don’t DIY’ sign near it. Business owners who sell certain types of electrical equipment to the public in Queensland, are required to display ‘Don’t DIY’ warning signs.