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What is ecosystem Cambridge?

What is ecosystem Cambridge?

all the plants, animals, and people living in an area considered together with their environment as a system of relationships: They are working to preserve the delicately balanced ecosystem of these wetlands. (Definition of ecosystem from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What is a sustainable ecosystem?

For an ecosystem, sustainability means maintaining ecological processes over long periods of time. So, if an ecosystem is able to maintain its structure and function over time in the face of external stress, it is said to be sustainable.

What is ecosystem in Oxford dictionary?

noun. /ˈiːkəʊsɪstəm/ /ˈiːkəʊsɪstəm/ ​all the plants and living creatures in a particular area considered in relation to their physical environment.

What is the meaning of the word Yonder?

being at a distance, either within view or as if within view: yonder valleys. 1. being in that place or over there; being that or those over there: Do you see yonder hut? 2. being the more distant or farther: the yonder side of the hill. 3. at, in, or to that specified place; over there: Look yonder!

What’s the difference between an ecosystem and an environment?

Environment is the area where living organisms live. Ecosystem is the community where the biotic and abiotic elements interact with each other. Let us understand the difference between environment and ecosystem for a better understanding of the concepts.

What does Encyclopaedia Britannica mean by ecosystem?

Encyclopaedia Britannica’s editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree…. Ecosystem, the complex of living organisms, their physical environment, and all their interrelationships in a particular unit of space.

How is the word ecosystem used in English?

It may have been ecosystem, which treats eco- as a prefix to a standard English word, that gave English speakers permission to do the same in coining a host of other terms: ecosphere, ecotour, eco-friendly, and all the rest.