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What is E on recorder?

What is E on recorder?

The seventeenth note we learn, E in the second octave on the descant (soprano) recorder, lies on the top space of the treble clef.

What is D on recorder?

What is D on the recorder? To do this, we must cover all the holes in our recorder except the one that covers the right hand with the little finger. This hole is the one located below, right at the foot of the flute.

What is the best recorder for beginners?

Probably the two most common recorder voices that beginners learn to play are soprano and alto; which one you might choose could depend on a number of factors. We recommend that you begin on the alto recorder. The alto is a great choice if you plan to play in a group with other recorder players.

How easy is it to play a recorder?

Compared to other instruments, the recorder is relatively easy to play, making it a great first instrument for kids or novice musicians. They come in many different colors and sizes to fit you. Recorders are a good stepping stone to harder blowing instruments that are held vertically, such as oboe or clarinet.

Where did the song Merrily we roll along come from?

Merrily We Roll Along USA “Merrily We Roll Along” is sung to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. It was written by Edwin Pearce Christy and was part of a longer song called “Goodnight, Ladies” (originally “Farewell, Ladies”). Merrily We Roll Along Children’s Song Merrily we roll along, Roll along, roll along. Merrily we roll along,

Is there a score for Merrily we roll along?

Click below to download a score for Merrily We Roll Along that will help you to learn the letter names of the notes. Click below to download a score for Merrily We Roll Along that will allow you to write in the letter names of the notes. You can write all of them in OR you can just write one in occasionally to help you.

Is the movie Merrily we roll along based on a true story?

This is an old folk song and is loosely based on a song called “Good Night Ladies”. It is also a Broadway Musical by Stephen Sondheim. Another familiar song has the same exact melody. Can you name it? Image of move trailer for the movie Merrily We Roll Along. Image for music score of “Merrily We Roll Along”. Image created by M. Grayburn