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What is DLC coating Apple Watch?

What is DLC coating Apple Watch?

The name diamond-like-carbon means that the layer is as scratch-resistant as diamonds. DLC is harder than steel, which means that a DLC coated watch has increased durability and resistance to scratches. The coating is only a few microns thick but still sits extremely hard, and protects really well.

Which finish is best for Apple Watch?

Apple Watch style If money is no object and you want to impress other people as well as yourself, the stainless steel or titanium models will do the trick. We’re big fans of the shiny finish of the stainless-steel models but watch enthusiasts are likely to opt for the titanium.

Is there a coating on Apple Watch?

The front of Apple Watch is made of Ion-X glass (strengthened glass) or sapphire crystal, each with a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic (oil repellent) coating. This coating wears over time with normal usage.

What kind of coating is used on Apple Watch?

PVD — and the process is often heavily modified. The gist remains the same. The PVD process is used to create a vast array of coatings, but the current gold standard for hardness and wear resistance is DLC.

Which is the best stainless steel for an Apple Watch?

The mainline stainless steel Apple Watch cases are made from the most common watch alloy in existence, 316L. While Rolex will claim their use of 904L stainless is superior to 316, the reality is that the differences are irrelevant in everyday use. 316 alloy is strong, durable, plenty corrosion resistant, and polishes to a beautiful luster.

Which is the most durable version of the Apple Watch?

We’ve seen factory and aftermarket DLC watches that seem impervious to damage, while others have flaked off with minor use. It is a very safe bet that Apple’s DLC is pinned at the better end of spectrum, and that would mean the Space Black Watches will be the most durable models of the watch in day-to-day use.

What kind of aluminum is used in an Apple Watch?

While the standard 6000 series aluminum is plenty strong for a watch, 7000 series aluminum offers roughly double the hardness and twice the tensile strength, approaching figures typically seen in mild steel. This means the anodized surface will have a much harder underlying structure to resist scratches and dents.