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What is Birkenstock Boston?

What is Birkenstock Boston?

The BIRKENSTOCK Boston clog is a veritable classic that can easily be worn all year round. With its additional foam layer, the soft footbed offers extra comfort and pampers feet – all day long. Its natural design is down to the upper made from especially soft suede, which hugs the foot like a second skin.

What is patent Birkenstock?

THE PATENT COLLECTION In black, white, or vibrant contrasting colors, the patent finish and unique glossy look present our popular sandals in a new light and create a dazzling appearance. Inspiration. Materials. Patent.

Are Birkenstock Bostons comfortable?

The Boston is one of the styles that I’ve really loved since the beginning. Homely, clunky and lacking in stylishness, it’s incredibly comfortable and practical. Like all traditional Birkenstock styles, it’s made with a leather covered cork footbed that does require some breaking in for maximum comfort.

How do Birkenstock boston fit?

The Boston narrow width fits most women with average width feet and is great for men with narrow feet. The narrow width fits people with average width feet who never wear socks. The “hard” leather versions stretch slightly in width with a few weeks of wear so should be slightly snug when new.

Is the Birkenstock clogs still a fashion statement?

While BIRKENSTOCK clogs have undeniably become a fashion statement all over the world, they are still the go-to shoes for many women who work in fast-paced professions that require lots of walking or standing on a daily basis.

How big are the Boston sandals at Birkenstock?

The clog comes in a number of different versions in sizes 35-50. As with all of BIRKENSTOCK’S sandals, the clog is available in two widths (normal and narrow) to ensure a good fit. The Boston is available for children in sizes 26 and up.

What kind of shoes do Birkenstock women wear?

The signature cork-latex footbed that lies at the heart of every shoe for women, men and kids, give you a solid stance and ensure proper alignment, even when things get hectic.

When did the Birkenstock footbed first come out?

Nothing beats the superior comfort of the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed. The concept of the contoured footbed was introduced in the 1930s, when BIRKENSTOCK started manufacturing anatomically shaped insoles molded to the natural shape of the human foot.