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What is ballast controller?

What is ballast controller?

Ballast Controllers. Helvar ballast controllers allow analogue and other non-DALI controllable electronic ballasts to be integrated into DIGIDIM, DALI and Imagine systems.

How does DALI control work?

The DALI lighting control system is designed in such a way that it permits the digital controlling of each lighting fixture in a given lighting system. It uses a low voltage two-way communication protocol that allows for sending and receiving messages from the fixtures.

Is dynalite DALI?

Dynalite is such a flexible and scalable system that it is the solution of meeting a high expectation of any project, as it is energy efficient with maximum integration using third part equipment for the complete management control.

What is DALI DSI?

Digital Serial Interface (DSI) is a protocol for the controlling of lighting in buildings (initially electrical ballasts). The technology uses a single byte to communicate the lighting level (0-255 or 0x00-0xFF). DSI was the first use of digital communication in lighting control, and was the precursor to DALI.

Why was the Dali ballast and control system created?

DALI has been designed in a joint effort by leading ballast and control equipment manufacturers with the idea of offering a standard to the lighting market that complies with all requirements and solves complex lighting tasks in a simple and cost-effective manner.

What does Dali stand for in lighting control system?

DALI allows lighting controls to operate as stand-alone systems or be integrated into larger building management systems. Dimming LED, fluorescent, halogen or incandescent lights. Like 0–10V dimming, DSI enables hard-wired groups of luminaires to dim collectively.

What do Dali outputs do on Din-dali-2?

The dual-channel DALI outputs on the DIN-DALI-2 makes controlling up to 128 individual DALI ballasts easy. The Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) is a protocol used for the control of lighting in buildings and is found on ballasts available from many manufacturers.

How many ballasts do you need for a Dali?

By IEEE definition, DALI is a bus that can be installed in a daisy-chain, star or tree configuration. Compatible ballasts and controls, up to a total of 64 devices (or 251mA)—with each ballast having its own unique stored address—connect to the bus in order to provide control signal interaction.