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What is Article 1 of the Georgia Constitution?

What is Article 1 of the Georgia Constitution?

Article One of the Georgia State Constitution describes the Georgia Bill of Rights, a set of forty paragraphs which enumerate the Rights of Persons, the Origin and Structure of Government and other General Provisions. The first Section, the Rights of Persons, lists twenty-eight paragraphs of individual rights.

What are the articles of the Georgia Constitution?

The articles include:

  • Article I: Bill of Rights.
  • Article II: Voting and Elections.
  • Article III: Legislative Branch.
  • Article IV: Constitutional Boards and Commissions.
  • Article V: Executive Branch.
  • Article VI: Judicial Branch.
  • Article VII: Taxation and Finance.
  • Article VIII: Education.

What are the 3 main sections of the GA Constitution?

Georgia Constitution

  • Preamble.
  • I Bill of Rights.
  • II Voting and Elections.
  • III Legislative Branch.
  • IV Constitutional Boards and Commissions.
  • V Executive Branch.
  • VI Judicial Branch.
  • VII Taxation and Finance.

What is the Georgia Constitution Bill of Rights?

Georgia Bill of Rights. A bill of rights enumerates certain individual liberties and protects those liberties from governmental intrusion, unless there is a sufficiently compelling justification for government action. The Georgia Bill of Rights consists of forty paragraphs, which constitute Article I of the Constitution of 1983.

What is summary of the Articles of the Constitution?

The 7 Articles of the US Constitution Article I – The Legislative Branch. The principal mission of the legislative body is to make laws. Article II – The Executive Branch. Article III – The Judicial Branch. Article IV – The States. Article V – Amendment. Article VI – Debts, Supremacy, Oaths. Article VII – Ratification.

When was Georgia’s Constitution written?

The first constitution of the state of Georgia was written in 1777. It was ratified in the city of Savannah while the Revolutionary War was being fought.