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What is a mastoid infection?

What is a mastoid infection?

Mastoiditis is a serious bacterial infection that affects the mastoid bone behind the ear. It’s more common in children. Most people with mastoiditis recover quickly and have no complications as long as the condition is diagnosed and treated quickly.

What causes fluid in the mastoid air cells?

Mastoiditis is usually caused by a middle ear infection (acute otitis media). The infection may spread from the ear to the mastoid bone of the skull. The mastoid bone fills with infected materials and its honeycomb-like structure may deteriorate.

What bacteria causes mastoiditis?

Mastoiditis usually occurs when untreated or inadequately treated acute otitis media spreads from the middle ear into the surrounding bone—the mastoid process. Most mastoid infections are caused by pneumococcus bacteria.

How is mastoid infection diagnosed?

The most common cause of mastoiditis is an untreated inner ear infection (otitis media). Diagnosis of mastoiditis begins with an examination of the ear. Tests that may be used to confirm a diagnosis include CT scan, MRI, X-ray, blood tests, fluid culture, hearing test, and lumbar puncture or “spinal tap.”

What are the common causes of mastoid pain?

Causes of Mastoid Process Pain Middle ear infection causes mastoiditis. An infection in your middle ear (otitis media) is usually to blame for mastoid process pain and is commonly called mastoiditis. Cholesteatoma and pain in the mastoid process. Trauma to the side of your skull. Mumps causing mastoid process pain. Tumor in the mastoid process.

What are the symptoms of a mastoid infection?

The symptoms of mastoiditis are similar to those of an ear infection. They include: drainage from the affected ear. ear pain. fever. headache.

What is the most common treatment for mastoiditis?

The most common treatment for mastoiditis is antibiotic medication, although surgery and drainage are also sometimes used in severe cases. Antibiotics may be delivered over a long period of time, especially if the infection is highly progressed.

What does inflammation of mastoid air cells mean?

Mastoiditis is infection of the mastoid bone. The mastoid bone is made up of a honeycomb-like structure, which is full of mastoid air cells. The mastoid air cells can become infected or inflamed, often as a result of an inner ear infection (otitis media).