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What is a graffiti wall in education?

What is a graffiti wall in education?

A Graffiti Wall is a tool used in the classroom to let students share their ideas and opinions. Usually it is a piece of paper on the wall that students can write answers to a question on. Any student can write their answer to a question without getting talked over, ignored, or interrupted.

What is a graffiti wall?

Graffiti walls are a simple, fun, and interactive way to get kids involved in their learning. All you need is a blank whiteboard or some sheets of butcher paper to get started. Kids can write, draw, and express themselves as they learn and review a variety of subjects.

How does the graffiti method foster critical thinking?

As a cooperative learning strategy, graffiti promotes the development of various learning skills (brainstorming, logical reasoning, recall of facts) and being sensitive to the views of others. It also motivates students who are creative and shy to actively participate and express their ideas.

What is silent graffiti?

This is a collaborative learning strategy which provides students with the opportunity to write their own opinion and make personal connections to a topic/concept, reading, video and/or other medium. Students engage in a silent discussion with their peers by responding to other students’ written responses.

How are graffiti boards used in the classroom?

Graffiti Boards are a cooperative engagement strategy in which students write or visually represent ideas about a topic on a shared space in the classroom (e.g., a section of a wall covered with large chart paper or a whole whiteboard).

What do you need to know about graffiti wall?

A graffiti wall activity is a cooperative learning activity that gets students up and moving around the classroom. Tape or hang several large pieces of flip chart paper around the classroom, and affix each of the images or excerpts in this document to a piece of the flip chart paper. Make sure your

What can students write on the Texas graffiti wall?

Students can use graffiti to write messages of hope and encouragement on the wall. The book Wall is part of the Fountas and Pinnell IRA Collection. Texas Graffiti Wall!

Where did the reading graffiti wall come from?

These past two years, it was a reading graffiti wall. (This idea originally came from Donalyn Miller in her book, Reading in the Wild .) A reading graffiti wall is a place on the wall in your classroom where students can write powerful quotes that they find in the books they are reading.