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What is a broadcast message in LAN?

What is a broadcast message in LAN?

Broadcasting is a term that is used when talking about Radio and TV transmissions. A device, such as a computer or a router, sends out a broadcast message on the local LAN that is intended to reach everybody else on that local LAN. …

How do I send a broadcast message on my network?

Access the Send Broadcast Message window by using one of the following methods:

  1. Right-click the name of the group you would like to send the message to, and then click Send Message to Group. Context menu of a group.
  2. Right-click any user name in the list, and then click Send Broadcast Message. Context menu of a user.

How do I send pop up messages to my network in Linux?

Each enter line will make a message pop up. To exit nc, press Ctrl + C , or Ctrl + D . Then chmod +x . Then you can just type ./ then type your message, then enter, and your message is sent.

How do I show users in Linux?

How to show current logged in users in Linux. Open the terminal window and type: w. The w command shows information about the Linux users currently on the server, and their running processes. The first line displays, in this order: The current time ( 22:11:17 ) How long the Linux server has been running (18 days)

How to send email from the Linux command line?

So make you have EPEL yum repository configured in your system.

  • Configure SSMTP. Now edit SSMTP configuration file and add the following values.
  • Send Test Email. Now test the setup by sending a test email to an email address.
  • Setup SSMTP as Default.
  • What is broadcast SMS?

    SMS broadcast refers to the act of sending text messages to multiple mobile users. SMS broadcast is often used for mobile marketing.

    What does broadcast texting mean?

    Broadcast Text Messaging describes the process of sending multiple text messages simultaneously to a variety of recipients. This differs from group text messaging in that it generally means the message is being sent to hundreds or thousands of recipients at once, thus the term “broadcast”.