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What happens if I shoot Harper?

What happens if I shoot Harper?

If you kill Harper (first picture above), Menendez will leave this place, while Farid will briefly lose consciousness after the plane explosion. When Mason arrives at the place, a depressed Farid will tell him what happened (second picture above), while Mason will close Harper’s eyes (third picture above).

Why did Farid kill Harper?

Raul Menendez was aware that there is a mole in his operation since the start of the mission, and at the end, after shooting down a VTOL with Mike Harper inside, he instructs Farid to kill Harper to show his allegiance to Cordis Die.

Can you save both Harper and karma?

Instructions for this Glitch: Save harper in your Campaign, Then run the rewind to the beginning of Karma, Let Defalco escape w/ Karma and rescue her in the Strike Force Mission, Kill Harper, And then go to Odysseus, At the beginning of the mission david talks to harper as if he was alive, then at the betrayal scene …

What do you have to do to kill Harper?

Kill Harper. The only thing you need to do here is to shoot Admiral Briggs in the leg, after that he survives, with Karma on his side and the SDC, the Obama will be successfully protected from Menendez’s attack. You play and beat this level normally like you would.

How did Farid die in Call of Duty?

When Menendez orders Farid (the player) to shoot Harper, he may chose to shoot Menendez in Achilles’ Veil, but will be shot in the chest, lectured about loyalty, then shot again in the face, by Menendez, ultimately giving his life to save Harper.

What happens if you let Harper die in Black Ops 2?

The choice may seem inconsequential at first—well, except to Harper—but it actually has a ripple effect that can drastically change the ending of the game. If you decide to let Harper live, Farid will die and therefore he will not be present on the USS Obama when Menendez attacks it. Not a big deal right?

Why is Farid called Egghead in Call of Duty?

He is nicknamed “egghead” by Harper, and the two share a close bond. This being shown when Farid either is killed in Harper’s spot or kills Harper, but then wants to be close to his body, mournful and shaken. Farid seems to have a strong bond with Harper, as he looks to be shaken if he kills Harper.