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What happened to the Tower Ballroom Birmingham?

What happened to the Tower Ballroom Birmingham?

Tower Ballroom, in Edgbaston, opened as a skating rink in 1827 and later became a dance venue, also holding sport and music events. Having hosted The Who, John Holt, Satinder Sartaj, and The Drifters, the ballroom closed in 2017.

Who owns the Tower Ballroom Birmingham?

Businessman Liam O’Connor
Edgbaston’s Tower Ballroom, which was set to be demolished, will now return to the spotlight as a major dance hall venue. Businessman Liam O’Connor, who owns pubs and clubs in Birmingham, Nottingham and Hull, has agreed a 25-year deal with owners Countrywide Homes and hopes to re-open it by Easter.

Why is Blackpool Tower ballroom so famous?

Dating back to 1894, The Blackpool Tower Ballroom is world-famous for its unique sprung dance floor and spectacular architecture and remains to this day, a destination for dance fans from across the globe.

Is the Tower ballroom at the top of the tower?

The Tower Ballroom is technically on Level 2. The main entrance to the Tower Circus is on Level 1. The top of the Tower has always been a 360° viewing platform and is now called the Tower Eye.

When did the Tower Ballroom in Birmingham close?

The Searchers play at the Tower Ballroom on the night of its last dance in December 2005, when it closed and was set to be bulldozed as part of major regeneration plans for the area surrounding Edgbaston Reservoir. Developers submitted plans to build 40 family homes, 50 apartments and a small cafe on the site4 of 30

Is the Tower Ballroom open on Good Friday?

The Tower Ballroom as it was announced that, for the first time in 300 years, it will be possible to go to a public dance on Good Friday, Easter Saturday and into Easter Sunday. Sandra Reed and Diane Davis are pictured on March 26, 1986, preparing for the weekend’s dancing1 of 30

Who are the people in the Tower Ballroom?

Sandra Reed and Diane Davis are pictured on March 26, 1986, preparing for the weekend’s dancing1 of 30 The Tower Ballroom on July 8, 1979, as fans rally to the support of their favourite group Harvest. Pictured from left are Gordon Whitehouse, Martin Condon, Rob McMillen and Ken Lowe2 of 30

When did Night Riders play at Tower Ballroom?

Mike Sheridan and his band The Night Riders prepare to celebrate the 27th birthday of the Tower Ballroom in 2005. The group will be playing 60s music for dancers, the first 500 of whom will pay an entrance fee of five shillings – the 1963 price.