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What happened at the Altamont concert in 1969?

What happened at the Altamont concert in 1969?

It was during the Rolling Stones’ set, however, that a 21-year-old Hells Angel named Alan Passaro stabbed a gun-wielding 18-year-old named Meredith Hunter to death just 20 feet in front of the stage where Mick Jagger was performing “Under My Thumb.” Unaware of what had just occurred, the Rolling Stones completed their …

Who died at Altamont Speedway?

Meredith Hunter
Following 17 days of testimony, an eight-man, four-woman jury deliberated for 12 and a half hours before Passaro was acquitted on grounds of self-defense….Death of Meredith Hunter.

Meredith Hunter
Born Meredith Curly HunterOctober 24, 1951 Alameda County, California, U.S.
Died December 6, 1969 (aged 18) Altamont, California, U.S.

What is the significance of the Altamont Speedway concert?

Altamont At 50: The Disastrous Concert That Brought The ’60s To A Crashing Halt. If the Woodstock festival in August 1969 represented peace and hippie idealism, then the Altamont Free Concert, held almost four months later, symbolically shattered that innocence.

How did 4 people died at Altamont?

On Dec. 6, 1969, concertgoer Meredith Hunter was stabbed to death by a Hells Angel biker as he approached the stage with a gun. Three others at the Altamont Free Concert were killed in accidents.

Who was playing at the Altamont Free Concert?

Robert Altman/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones perform at the festival. On the other hand, the Rolling Stones tried to whip up the Altamont Free Concert in a matter of weeks. The venue wasn’t even sorted out until just a couple of days before the festival was slated to occur.

When did the Rolling Stones Play at Altamont?

On December 6, 1969, about 300,000 gathered at the Altamont Speedway in Tracy, California to see the Rolling Stones perform a free concert that was seen as a ‘Woodstock West.’ It was also supposed to be a triumphant conclusion for the band that year, following their successful U.S. tour.

When did Grateful Dead play at Altamont Speedway?

It was only on Thursday, December 4, 1969, that organizers settled on the Altamont Speedway location for a free concert that was by then scheduled to include Santana; the Jefferson Airplane; Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; and the Grateful Dead, all in support of the headlining Stones.

Where was the Altamont Speedway in Tracy located?

Finally Altamont Speedway in Tracy stepped in. In a matter of days, the staging was set up, albeit in somewhat makeshift fashion (the stage was so low, creating not much of a barrier between performers and fans).