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What fish are in the river Annan?

What fish are in the river Annan?

The river Annan is fast growing a reputation as one of the best wild brown trout rivers in the UK with its prolific hatches and free rising trout to in excess of 6lb. The best of this fishing can be had during the spring and early summer before the main salmon and sea trout runs appear.

How deep is the river Annan?

The usual range of the Annan at Brydekirk is between 0.37m and 3.05m.

Where can I fish on the River Devon?

The Fishing

  • Upper Limit – Below Castlehill Reservoir to Crook of Devon Village.
  • Below Crook of Devon Village to Rumbling Bridge Gorge.
  • Below Rumbling Bridge to Below Vicar’s Bridge at Linn Bank.
  • Linn Bank to Tillicoultry.
  • Tillicoultry to Menstrie.

Where is the River Annan?

The River Annan (Abhainn Anann in Gaelic) is a river in south-west Scotland. It rises on Annanhead Hill and flows through the Devil’s Beef Tub, Moffat and Lockerbie, reaching the sea at Annan, Dumfries and Galloway after about 40 miles.

Is the Annan River a good place to fish?

Fishing on the Annan can be excellent particularly given rain fall. The river is fairly short by Scottish standards and given the correct conditions fish can be distributed throughout the entire length of the river in a very short space of time. The salmon fishing must rate as possibly the best value for money in the universe.

When is salmon season in the River Annan?

Out of season, and as it is a “late” river, their salmon season runs until mid-November, Grayling fishing is cheap and plentiful either direct from the beats OR by attending one of the River Annan Fishery Trust open days which run usually into about April when Brown Trout can be targetted.

How long is the River Annan in Scotland?

They seem to be recovering but numbers are still well down Annan is not a huge river, only 35 miles long top to bottom. You can drive from source to sea on about 45 minutes There are 2 1/2 mile stretches which will take a dozen anglers comfortably.

Is the River Annan a catch and release River?

Categories 1 and 2 may kill some salmon, Category 3 which applies to the Annan and 85 other Scottish rivers are entirely catch and release for this year. The present no kill legislation for salmon and grilse to protect Springers still applies until 1st June, but will be amended before April to apply to the whole river for the whole of 2017.