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What does it mean to be reined in?

What does it mean to be reined in?

1 : to limit or control (someone or something) Congress must rein in spending. You had better rein that kid in before she gets hurt. 2 : to make (an animal) stop by using reins The rider reined in his horse.

Is it reined in or reigned in?

The correct phrase for bringing something under control is rein in, not reign in. Rein in is an allusion to pulling on the reins of a horse in order to exercise more control.

How do you use rein in a sentence?

Rein sentence example

  1. Rubbing her eyes, she tried to rein in her scattered thoughts.
  2. I gave him free rein to do what he needs to.
  3. If you gave me free rein I’d have every kind of animal there was.

What does it mean to take the reins?

to take control
: to take control The President-elect will officially take the reins in January.

What does it mean to ” rein back ” on someone?

rein back on someone or something. to control or diminish the intensity of someone or something. The manager was urged to rein back on her assigning overtime. She reined back on expenses and demanded that others do likewise.

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What does back in the day mean in English?

used for talking about a time in the past, usually when you are remembering nice things about that time: Back in the day, we had an apartment with a swimming pool. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases

What was the movie Back in the day about?

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