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What does Hussmann refrigeration system do for You?

What does Hussmann refrigeration system do for You?

The Hussmann team designs innovative refrigeration systems to serve all your food retail needs, with solutions that reduce HFC charge and leak potential, lower energy consumption and provide more cost-effective operations. No other commercial refrigeration manufacturer can match our breadth of products or depth of flexibility.

What makes Hussmann performance parts so good to buy?

We strive to provide original parts that fit right and keep your equipment running like new. QUESTIONS? Hussmann Performance Parts is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service to ensure your display cases are operating at peak efficiency and saving you money. © 2021 Hussmann Corporation.

Who is the industry leader in commercial refrigeration?

We are the industry leader in commercial refrigeration, providing high-performance solutions for every food retail application. We make doors for every case, from reach-ins and walk-ins to island merchandisers, all designed to display your foods beautifully.

How many expansion valves can Hussmann case controller handle?

One case controller and one multi-circuit valve driver module can manage up to 3 electronic expansion valves in a single display case while… When you choose Hussmann, you get decades of expertise in commercial refrigeration and the biggest selection of high-performance solutions specifically engineered for the food retail industry.

What kind of compressor does Hussmann compressor use?

3 Compressor 1×1 Fan Config. 3 Compressor 1×2 Fan Config. 3 Compressor 1×3 Fan Config. 3 Compressor 1×4 Fan Config. 3 Compressor 2×2 Fan Config. 3 Compressor 2×2 Fan Top Config. 6 Compressor 1×3 Fan Config. 6 Compressor 1×5 Fan Config. 6 Compressor 2×2 Fan Config. 6 Compressor 2×2 Fan Top Config. 6 Compressor 2×3 Fan Config.

What are the products that Hussmann Corporation makes?

Products like our EcoShine LED lights enable better visibility to see and select products, enabling an enhanced shopper experience. LED lighting also emits less heat into the case than fluorescent lights, resulting in lower product temperatures which help maintain the fresh, appealing look of perishable foods.

Which is Hussmann company offers the best warranty?

Hussmann provides the most customer-focused solutions. Read our warranty information for our products here. . Claims Filing Guidelines . Frequently Asked Questions