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What does class NX mean?

What does class NX mean?

Fare class NX is an award (miles) fare/booking class of service that is marketed as Main Cabin on Delta Air Lines mainline and code share flights. This fare class is considered a deeply discounted award main cabin fare class that is eligible for complimentary upgrades.

What does NX stand for in Star Trek?

“The Making of Star Trek” (which came out in 1986) explains that NCC stands for ‘Naval Construction Contract’ while NX stands for ‘Naval Experiment. ‘ Also, USS stands for ‘United Space Ship.

How many decks does the Enterprise NX 01 have?

The cross-section reveals its structure. There are seven decks, named A-deck through G-deck. The bridge is located on A-deck.

What class of ship is nx 01?

Enterprise (NX-01)

USS Enterprise
Class NX
Registry NX-01
Armaments Spatial torpedoes Photonic torpedoes Phase cannons Plasma cannons
Defenses Polarized hull plating

What are the deck plans for the Enterprise?

Cygnus-X1.Net is proud to present what are likely the most detailed and accurate schematics of the NX-01 Enterprise. Created by Android Monkey Designs (formerly Waxing Moon Designs), this 48-page set of Deck Plans reveal the kind of detail fans the world-over have been looking for ever since Star Trek: Enterprise premiered back in 2001.

Who is the designer of the Enterprise NX-01?

Monkey Designs. Enterprise created by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. Original design of the Enterprise NX-01 Refit by Doug Drexler. Drolet. Renders of the Enterprise NX-01 Refit by Doug Drexler. Original Production Design by Herman Zimmerman. Series Art Direction by Louise Dorton. Series Set Decoration by Jim Mees.

How to create refit plans for Enterprise NX-01?

To create the Refit plans I spent months podcasts to ascertain the intention behind the new modifications. finalize the internal configurations. Since the NX-01 Refit was possibly make with the information given. What if I think I have found a flaw? Don’t hesitate to tell me. Just remember that I had to adjust parts

Where are the deck plans for the Intrepid class starship?

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