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What does Chablis wine pair with?

What does Chablis wine pair with?

Basic tried and true Chablis food pairings consists of gougeres (cheesy pate a choux), goat cheese, shellfish, fish, veal and foie gras. The Burgundians also enjoy this steely white with snails, parsleyed ham, smoked trout and pungent washed-rind cheeses.

Is Burgundy the same as Chablis?

What’s to know: Chablis is the northernmost region in Burgundy, and therefore the coldest. Chablis almost always has the tartest, crispest acid profile of all white Burgundy. Famous for its intensely chalky white soils, Chablis also contains several Grand Cru vineyard sites.

How are the Chablis vineyards in Burgundy rated?

Yet, the issue of inconsistency dogs Chablis. Mostly, this occurs on the lower end. As with all of Burgundy, Chablis vineyards are rated hierarchically. At the bottom is petit Chablis. Then comes straight Chablis, premier cru and, at the top, grand cru. The historic core of Chablis encompasses the grand cru and premier cru areas.

Where does the Rain Go in Chablis and Burgundy?

Follow the rain. Chablis occupies part of the drainage basin of the Seine river, and the rain that falls on its hills will eventually reach the North Sea. Rain in the rest of Burgundy, by contrast, drains south to the Mediterranean, via the Saône and Rhône rivers.

When did Chablis become a Premier Cru wine?

The AOC Chablis Premier Cru status was created in January 1938, thus confirming the excellent qualities of this dry white wine which, unlike the wines of some other regions, has held its leading place throughout its history thanks to the high quality of its raw material – the Chardonnay grape.

Where is the village of Chablis in France?

Chablis is a Village appellation situated at the North of Burgundy, just an hour and half’s drive to the South-East of Paris. What are the main grape varieties of Chablis?