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What can we do on Pradosham day?

What can we do on Pradosham day?

Rules of Pradosh Vrat-

  • To perform Pradosh Vrat, one should wake up early in the morning on the day of Trayodashi.
  • One should meditate on Lord Shiva by taking a bath.
  • Food is not taken in this fast.
  • Stay away from anger or controversy.
  • Brahmacharya should be practiced on the day of Pradosh Vrat.

When should we do Pradosh Pooja?

This sacred day holds a special significance for the followers of Lord Shiva and they observe a day-long fast called Pradosh Vrat and the puja is performed after sunset during Pradosh Kaal. Two Pradosh fasts are observed every month, one in Krishna Paksha and the other in Shukla Paksha.

What is the date of Pradosh Vrat 2020?

December 12
The tithi of Shani Pradosh Vrat begins at 7.02 am on December 12 and will end at 3.52 am on December 13. Puja should be performed between 5.25 pm to 8.09 pm on December 12. Pradosh Vrat 2020 is being observed today to seek blessings of Lord Shiva. People observe fasts to offer prayers to gods and goddesses.

Why is Pradosha pooja done?

Pradosh Kaal (time) is the most auspicious time to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Observing Pradosh Vrat alleviates sufferings and blesses one with health, wealth, and good fortune. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva liberated Chandra Dev from a King’s curse on this day.

What to do on the day of Pradosham?

On the day of Pradosham, twilight period – that is the time just before sunrise and sunset, is considered to be auspicious. All the prayers and pujas are observed during this time. One hour before sunset, devotees take a bath and get ready for the puja.

When is the best time to observe pradosham vrat?

For Pradosham Vrat, day is fixed when Trayodashi Tithi falls during Pradosh Kaal which starts after Sunset. The time window after Sunset when Trayodashi Tithi and Pradosh time overlaps is auspicious for Shiva Puja.

When is the best time to fast for pradosham?

Fasting for Pradosham depends on sunset time and it is observed when Trayodashi Tithi prevails after sunset. Hence Pradosham fasting might be observed on Dwadashi Tithi i.e. one day before Trayodashi Tithi. As Sunset time is different for all cities, it is important to refer Hindu calendar like this website which lists…

Which is the auspicious day of the month pradosham?

Pradosham is an auspicious 3-hour period, 1.5 hours before and after the sunset and is observed bi-monthly on the 13th day of every fortnight. Therefore, there are two Pradoshams observed in a month, one in the waxing phase and the other in the waning phase of the Moon.