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What can I use instead of SmtpClient?

What can I use instead of SmtpClient?

SmtpClient is obsolete and an open source library MailKit and MimeKit is replacing it.

What is SMTP client for Gmail?

The Gmail SMTP server lets you send emails using your Gmail account and Google’s servers. One option here is to configure third-party email clients, such as Thunderbird or Outlook, to send emails via your Gmail account.

Is SmtpClient thread safe?

The SmtpClient Class states that instance members are not thread safe. This can be seen if concurrent calls are made to Send or SendAsync. Both methods will throw a InvalidOperationException on the second call if the first has not yet completed.

Is SMTP deprecated?

SMTPS has been deprecated since forever (late 90’s or thereabouts).

How do I create a SMTP client?

And here’s the standard procedure of SMTP configuration, in four steps:

  1. Select the voice “Account Settings” in your mail client, generally in the “Tools” menu.
  2. Choose the “Outgoing server (SMTP)” voice:
  3. Push the “Add…” button in order to set a new SMTP. A popup window will appear:
  4. Now simply fill the voices as follows:

How do I dispose of SmtpClient objects?

The SmtpClient class has no Finalize method. So an application must call Dispose to explicitly free up resources. The Dispose method iterates through all established connections to the SMTP server specified in the Host property and sends a QUIT message followed by gracefully ending the TCP connection.

What is an SMTP password?

Your SMTP Server, Port and User depend on the mail service your company is using. For example, if your company is using gmail as mails service then you will be able to find all SMTP settings here. The password is either from your email or from your domain.

What are the SMTP settings for Gmail?

Gmail SMTP setup settings:

  • SMTP username: Your Gmail address.
  • SMTP password: Your Gmail password.
  • SMTP server address:
  • Gmail SMTP port (TLS): 587.
  • SMTP port (SSL): 465.
  • SMTP TLS/SSL required: yes.

What is MailKit?

MailKit is an Open Source cross-platform . NET mail-client library that is based on MimeKit and optimized for mobile devices. Features include: * Client-side sorting and threading of messages (the Ordinal Subject and the Jamie Zawinski threading algorithms are supported).

How to use smtpclient to send email in Gmail?

Here’s a quick code snippet that configures SmtpClient to send email using Gmail’s SMTP server: smtp. DeliveryMethod = SmtpDeliveryMethod. Network; smtp. UseDefaultCredentials = false; smtp. EnableSsl = true;

How to send email using Gmail SMTP-C # corner?

Here, we will see how can we send email using our Gmail SMTP in c# .NET. Generally, for sending an email from one place to another two parties are required — first is the sender and the second is the receiver. We will use the Mail Message class of .NET to send an email.

How to send an email using smtpclient class?

SmtpClient sends and receives email. This article uses the Send method of the SmptClient class. There are only four steps to send a simple email using the SmtpClient class. Create the e-mail message. Use the following controls in your WPF application. They will help you to send the message.

Can you use Gmail 465 with smtpclient?

465 wont work with SmtpClient, it will work with the deprecated class SmtpMail instead. Try this link on server. Business Gmail accounts, (or normal gmail accounts don’t sure about this one) demands a DisplayUnlockCaptcha for the very first time.