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What are three ways in which eukaryotic cells can control gene expression?

What are three ways in which eukaryotic cells can control gene expression?

Eukaryotic gene expression can be regulated at many stages

  • Chromatin accessibility. The structure of chromatin (DNA and its organizing proteins) can be regulated.
  • Transcription. Transcription is a key regulatory point for many genes.
  • RNA processing.

What is the gene expression in eukaryotes?

Gene expression in eukaryotes is influenced by a wide variety of mechanisms, including the loss, amplification, and rearrangement of genes. Genes are differentially transcribed, and the RNA transcripts are variably utilized. Multigene families regulate the amount, the diversity, and the timing of gene expression.

What is the first level of control of eukaryotic gene transcription?

RNA splicing, the first stage of post-transcriptional control. In eukaryotic cells, the RNA transcript often contains regions, called introns, that are removed prior to translation. The regions of RNA that code for protein are called exons (Figure 1).

At what level does control of gene expression in eukaryotic cells occur?

transcriptional level
Prokaryotic versus Eukaryotic Gene Expression

Prokaryotic organisms Eukaryotic organisms
Gene expression is regulated primarily at the transcriptional level Gene expression is regulated at many levels (epigenetic, transcriptional, post-transcriptional, translational, and post-translational)

What is regulation of gene activity in eukaryotes?

Introduction to Gene Regulation in Eukaryotes: Gene regulation refers to the control of the rate or manner in which a gene is expressed . In other words, gene regulation is the process by which the cell determines [through interactions among DNA, RNA, proteins, and other substances] when and where genes will be activated and how much gene product will be produced.

How are most eukaryotic genes controlled?

In eukaryotic cells coordinately controlled genes are activated by the same chemical signals. To control elements, specific transcriptions factors bind, and promoting transcription of the coordinately controlled genes happen, regardless of the fact that genes are on separate chromosomes. They do not need to be near each other as well.

Which molecules in eukaryotic cells regulate gene expression?

The eukaryotic DNA binds tightly to the histones , which are basic proteins. Changes in the structure of chromatin are largely responsible for the regulation of gene expression.

How are genes turned on in eukaryotic cells?

In eukaryotic cells, the first stage of gene expression control occurs at the epigenetic level. Epigenetic mechanisms control access to the chromosomal region to allow genes to be turned on or off. These mechanisms control how DNA is packed into the nucleus by regulating how tightly the DNA is wound around histone proteins.