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What are the levels in KS3?

What are the levels in KS3?

The target level at KS3 is level 5, with the most able achieving a level 8. There are wide variations reported in the levels achieved at this stage. Very few independent schools take key stage 3 tests, most will have assessed the child at 11+ or 13 + via The Common Entrance examination (see below).

Is KS3 GCSE level?

All students at KS3 receive 8 hours/fortnight of English and Mathematics. The third core subject, Science is also taught over six hours/fortnight as all students will undertake the equivalent of two or three GCSEs in science. The Key Stage 3 curriculum comprises of core and foundation subjects.

What is assessing without levels?

The removal of assessing pupils against a ‘level’ allowed schools to develop their own approaches to formative assessment – referred to as ‘assessment without levels’: the idea being that children could be assessed against what they knew from effective teaching, monitoring, feedback and intervention.

What level should my child be in Year 7?

end of their GCSEs. at the end of their GCSEs. A student with high primary school results will be set a target of grade 4a, 4b or 4c for Year 7. A student with average primary school results will be set a target of grade 3a, 3b or 3c for Year 7.

What is the expected level at KS3 in England?

When presenting analyses that refer to ‘expected level’ at KS3, the Department’s practice is to measure against those pupils achieving Level 5 or above. TABLES Table 1: National Key Stage 3 teacher assessment levels of attainment by subject and gender, 2012, England.

Why are KS3 levels not like percentages?

KS3 Levels are NOT like percentages, they indicate the skills within any given subject that your son/daughter is evidencing consistently in their work. Lower grades do not automatically equal lower performance; they simply mean that a student has not developed the skills required for the higher levels.

What should the Key Stage 3 level be?

At Key Stage 3 (Y7-9), this is level 5/6 in all subjects. As our students are of above average ability, we would anticipate that they should achieve level 6-8 in most subject areas. It is worth noting however, that some subjects may demonstrate different rates of progress due to the wide variation in experience students may have in primary schools.

When is the end of the KS3 programme?

end of the KS3 programme of study, typically aged 14. Pupils’ attainment is assessed in relation to the National Curriculum programmes of study, and pupils are awarded levels on the National…