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What are the best Spotify playlists?

What are the best Spotify playlists?

The Very Best Spotify Playlists: A Comprehensive List

  • Caroline Richards ’22. A&E Editor.
  • Park Hangs. Their description: “grab a blanket and get the good vibes going.” Terrible description for a really good playlist.
  • Surf Rock Sunshine.
  • Rap Caviar.
  • Pollen.
  • Songs We Rocked Out To.

What do you call an indie playlist?

Indie / Alternative

  • a darker kind of day. A Path For Lost Wanderers. A Trip To Nowhere.
  • He Was Heartbreak In A Bottle. Hipster Yoga. I Feel Like I’m Not Even Real.
  • sleepy autumn days. Something Is Different. songs for long summer nights.
  • We Could Stay Up All Night. we hope for rainy days. Were Falling To Pieces.

What should I name my Harry Potter playlist?

A Magical Playlist for Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived

  • “I Am A Wizard” – Harry and the Potters.
  • “Magical World” – Ian McCulloch.
  • “Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me” – The Smiths.
  • “Living a Boy’s Adventure Tale” – a-Ha.
  • “Friend or Foe” – Adam Ant.
  • “It’s A Kind Of Magic” – Queen.
  • “Winner Takes it All” – Sammy Hagar.

How do I name a playlist?

Right-click the playlist, select Rename from the pop-up menu that appears, and enter a name of your choice in the now-editable playlist title.

Does Harry Potter have songs?

The Harry Potter franchise has one of the most iconic soundtracks of recent times, and as every film has its own signature instrumentation and theme, fans can envisage the exact scene each song is from. Here are our top 10 songs which have enhanced some incredible moments…

What Hogwarts house is Melanie Martinez in?

Melanie Martinez (Ravenclaw) | Hogwarts is Here.