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What are some prestigious summer programs?

What are some prestigious summer programs?

Most Prestigious Summer Programs

  1. Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP)
  2. Stanford National Forensic Institute.
  3. Program in Mathematics for Young Student.
  4. Middlebury Summer Language Academy.
  5. Notre Dame Summer Scholars.
  6. Interlochen Arts Camp.
  7. The Summer Science Program.
  8. Otis Summer of Art.

What summer programs does LSU offer?

Summer Programs for K-12 Students

  • Summer 2021 Middle & High School Offerings.
  • High School Summer Research Program.
  • Halliburton XCITE (Virtual & On-Campus)
  • REHAMS (Virtual & On-Campus)
  • eXploreCS Junior and High (On-Campus)
  • Exploring STEM (On-Campus & Virtual)
  • Intro to Engineering (On-Campus & Virtual)
  • Robotics (On-Campus)

How much is the summer stipend at the University of New Orleans?

The summer stipend for this program is $2000 per student, where other costs for the program are covered by the PI’s and AMRI. This program has been very impactful over the years.

Where to go for summer research in New Orleans?

Interns are matched with mentors in laboratories or clinics at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center or Children’s Hospital of New Orleans.Students learn laboratory techniques used in medical research and attend weekly seminars. Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2018 Summer Research Program.

How many summer enrichment programs are there in the US?

100-Plus Summer Enrichment Programs 100-Plus Summer Enrichment Programs A Black Excel Shoutout! Special thanks to Aprille Ericsson-Jackson of NASA for making us aware of this powerful web link: (

How to apply for Howard University summer enrichment programs?

Application Deadline: May Contact: Director, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT 06269 Phone: 860-486-5536 Howard University Summer Enrichment Programs for High School Students Commuter Description: Prepares students for college and careers in science. Enrollment: 45 Grade(s): 8-11 Qualifiers: Serious, motivated, well-behaved students