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What are signature track courses?

What are signature track courses?

Signature Track securely links your coursework to your identity, allowing you to confidently show the world what you’ve achieved on Coursera. Signature Track offers: Identity Verification. Create a special profile to link your coursework to your real identity using your photo ID and unique typing pattern.

How much does Coursera signature track cost?

Signature Track Students can then show these certificates to employers to prove their professional qualifications and acquired skills. They cost between $30 and $100, depending on the course.

What is signature track?

Verification: Signature Track is the first program of its kind on a MOOC platform that links your online coursework to your real identity. By matching your photo and creating a biometric profile of your unique typing patterns, Coursera lets you easily participate wherever you may be in the world.

What is verified track in Coursera?

A verified track refers to paying for the course. If you have already paid for the course or have enrolled through a company sponsorship, you are already in the verified track.

Where can I get a signature track certificate?

Signature Track has been sought out from students in the US, Brazil, China, India and all over the world, who have opted in to pursue a Verified Certificate. These Certificates are building a reputation as an accessible credential for adults to demonstrate their proficiency in a range of skills and disciplines.

How can I verify the signature of a document?

To verify the digital signature and the certificate used to sign the document, perform the following steps: Find the signing certificate by iterating through the certificates that are used by the signature. Test the certificate by verifying the signature against the certificate.

How to verify digital signature, validity not verified?

Click “Properties”. Click “Verify Identity”. Add “Contact information for certificate owner:”. Click “Add to List”. Click “Close”. Click “Verify Signature”. The “Validity Status” should now show “Signature is valid”. Click “Close”. certificate display a question mark and a “Validity Unknown” or “Signature not verified!” message

How can I check the status of my track certificate?

Track Certificate. You can check the status of your Digital Signature Certificate online by entering your Order ID number and postal code in the box given below. To get details about your public key enter your email address in the box given below.