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What are concrete donuts used for?

What are concrete donuts used for?

Concrete Donuts are made with fiber-reinforced, green-dyed concrete for maximum durability and protection. They distribute the weight evenly around the sprinkler head to prevent cracking and breaking of the sprinkler itself and the attached pipes.

How do you put Donuts around sprinkler heads?

Place the donut over the sprinkler so it’s in the center. Line up the sprinkler head so it is in the hole at the center of the donut. Put the donut on the ground and push it down with your foot to keep it in place firmly.

How do I protect my sprinkler heads from my car?

Install Swing Joints If the heads are run over or bumped by a vehicle or other item like a mower, the sprinkler heads can move and shift out of the way. This prevents the pipe below from being damaged as easily from a heavy item like a vehicle rolling over the head, and can prevent damage to the sprinkler heads, too.

How to find concrete donuts for lawn irrigation?

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How does a concrete donut protect a sprinkler head?

Concrete donuts will protect your sprinkler heads from crazy teenage drivers, lawn mowers and tipsy mother-in-laws! BackFlow Armor Underground Sprinkler Protector – Maximum strength concrete donut which fits over underground sprinkler head. Displaces the weight of a vehicle or mower tire providing protection for sprinkler head and pipes.

What do concrete donuts do for lawn mowers?

This is a green dyed – concrete donut for sprinkler heads. They come in two sizes (spray head size and rotary head size). The purpose of the donut is to displace the weight ofa vehicle or lawn mowers tire. This will aid in the protection of the sprinkler head and the pipes below the head.

How are concrete donuts made to be strong?

The donut is produced using advanced technology that allows the concrete mixture combinations to form strength and freeze resistance