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What are Cape Cod colors?

What are Cape Cod colors?

Capes built in the 20th century are often conservative in style and decoration. Classic body colors are grey, blue-grey, brown, buff, and white. Trim is almost universally light or white.

What type of wood is Cape Cod siding?

Cape Cod Wood Siding is made from real wood and the stability of the material cannot be guaranteed. Cape Cod Siding however attempts in its manufacturing process to minimize the appearance of natural wood characteristics.

Can you paint Cape Cod siding?

Cape Cod Wood Siding is sealed on all sides applying the finest finish available; PPG Machine Applied Coatings, which is a 100% acrylic, breathable water-based paint. This system produces a uniform finish and maximum protection that cannot be achieved with field applied paint.

How long does Cape Cod siding last?

cover the substrate of any siding or trim product. In order to maintain the original appearance, expect to re-stain the siding within 6-8 years depending on the siding’s exposure to the weather elements.

How to decorate a Cape Cod style home?

How to Decorate a Cape Cod-Style Home 1 Color Schemes and Fabrics. Coastal-style color schemes are light and airy, like the beach on a warm sunny day. 2 Furniture. Rustic, handmade wood furniture fits in a Cape Cod-style home. 3 Lighting. 4 Accessories. 5 Alternative Styles.

What kind of polishing cloth does Cape Cod use?

Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths used with great success on exhaust system headers & side pipes on a replica Cobra. Cleans & Lubricates Brushed Metal Finishes– Safe for All Fine Metals including…

Where to upcycle furniture in Cape Cod?

Seakers, with our new location at the entrance to Cape Cod, provides upcycling ideas, inspiration and services for any furniture. Check out our huge showroom or bring in your own furniture for upcyling. Stop by and see what we do here.

What are the best paint colors for Cape Cod?

Hawthorne Yellow (HC-4) from Benjamin Moore’s Historical Colors Collection is one of the most popular yellow paint colors. A warm buttery yellow like Hawthorne Yellow is unexpected, but a welcoming choice for a summery front door. Wherever you are on Cape Cod, it’s always a treat to head out to an ice cream parlor on a sultry summer evening.