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Is there a fire near Forest Grove Oregon?

Is there a fire near Forest Grove Oregon?

Here on the west side, a fire has begun just south of Hagg Lake near Stimson Lumber. Scoggins Valley Park is closed until further notice. Other fires have broken out elsewhere, including south of Forest Grove on SW Blooming Fern Hill Road and along NW Helvetia Road, among other places.

Is Hagg Lake on fire?

According to the Oregon Department of Forestry, crews have held the fire to 135 acres. Roughly 100 personnel have been assigned to the fire, which remains entirely within the Tillamook State Forest.

Is Hillsboro Oregon in fire danger?

A High Fire Danger Burn Ban began on June 22, 2021, and remains in effect across all of Washington County, including the City of Hillsboro.

Can you burn in Forest Grove?

If you are inside the city limits of Forest Grove, burning yard debris is only allowed from March 1 to June 15. You can find a list of burning safety rules, and a link to the daily burning link by going to Recreational fires for cooking, or backyard campfires, are still allowed.

Who is the fire chief of Forest Grove Oregon?

What initially started as a sharing of Fire Chief Michael Kinkade has grown to standardizing equipment, protocols, training, and standards between the two closely neighboring fire departments. In the spring of 2015 this program expanded to include our southern neighbors at the Gaston Fire Protection District.

When did Forest Grove fire and rescue start?

Forest Grove Fire & Rescue was originally formed on February 4, 1894, and our full time and volunteer firefighters have a long standing commitment to not only being there in an emergency, but for also being active in support of our community.

What are the core values of Forest Grove?

Our defining core values include Professionalism, Teamwork, Leadership, Compassion, Integrity, and Service Excellence. We hold ourselves accountable to these values.

Who are the leading fire and rescue agencies in Oregon?

Our Vision: It is our Vision to be the leading fire and rescue agency in Oregon by setting the standard of excellence in training, prevention, protection, and service for all people and communities that call upon us in a time of need.