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Is Sanaa good?

Is Sanaa good?

Ultimately, Sanaa is a restaurant we recommend wholeheartedly to all Walt Disney World fans. The trek out to Animal Kingdom Lodge is worth the effort to see the resort’s beautiful design and unique style, and the lunch menu presents one of the best value propositions at Walt Disney World.

Whats better Jiko or Sanaa?

Jiko is my favorite Disney World restaurant, but Sanaa is excellent too. Both have really unique menus and excellent wines. I think that Jiko is far more romantic, but Sanaa has its own good atmosphere too.

Can you see animals from Sanaa?

Spot wild animals roaming the savanna as you feast on savory home-style cooking infused with the flavors of Africa and India at Sanaa. Among the creatures you may catch a glimpse of: gazelles, giraffes, zebra, marabou storks and more!

Is Sanaa one table service?

While Sanaa is a table service restaurant serving lunch and dinner, the spot offers the Sanaa Kuamsha Breakfast in the mornings — a quick-service experience for which reservations are not required.

Where is the Sanaa restaurant at Disney World?

One of our first dinners at Disney on this past trip was at Sanaa, located at Kidani Village at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort. The restaurant itself is situated downstairs in the rear of the resort, and overlooks a large yard of different types of animals.

What kind of bread is at Sanaa restaurant?

Sanaa is probably most famous for their naan bread service, which comes with 5 large pieces of naan bread and 10 dipping sauces going from sweet, mild, to spicy. We, like pretty much everyone else, ordered the bread service and it holds up to the hype.

Which is the best naan at Sanaa Orlando?

Some were better than others, with the spicier ones being our favorites. We were not able to eat all the naan, so it could definitely be shared with more people. At the recommendation of our server, we ordered potjie, with the butter chicken, cilantro coconut vegetables, and basmati rice.

Is the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Sanaa good?

An excellent dining option is always just around the corner somewhere in DisneyWorld. I’ve always had a great experience with any of the choices in the Animal Kingdom lodge and Sanaa is no exception. We chose this for our 25th Anniversary, and were both so glad that we did.