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Is Erb and SRB the same thing?

Is Erb and SRB the same thing?

The Soldier Record Brief (SRB) is a new multi‐Component report that provides a snapshot of a Soldier’s military career information. This brief will standardize and eventually replace the Enlisted and Officer Record Brief (ORB and ERB) and the RCMS Automated Record Brief for all Components.

Where do I find my ERB?

How to obtain your ORB/ERB from AKO (Active duty Soldiers only):

  1. Go to Army AKO at
  2. Select “ORB: Officer Record Brief”/ “ERB: Enlisted Record Brief” link under Army Links column on right side of the screen.
  3. Once forwarded to the ORB/ERB page, select the “view/print” button.

What is Army ERB?

Army Enlisted Record Brief (ERB)

How many sections are included in the SRB?

The SRB will standardize and eventually replace the Enlisted and Officer Record Briefs (ERB and ORB) for all Components and will consist of eleven sections that cover the following personnel data:

How do I update my Erb information?

For the Reserve, you use an ARB generated in RCMS instead of an ERB. The link to view/validate your ARB is You’ll have to CAC into the site to access youir record. There is no fillible version of the ARB,…

Is the soldier record brief the same as the ERB?

Although similar to the ORB and ERB, the Soldier Record Brief’s (SRB) key benefit is its applicability to all Officers, Warrant Officers and Enlisted, regardless of their Component. The SRB will accommodate data specific to each Soldier and may have certain sections that are not populated due to rank, Component, or specialty.

Can A Erb be corrected in S1 shop?

Thank you all for your help in advance. I can’t say for an ERB, but when I update the ORB, I circle the mistake/omission, and submit the order or document that corrects it, the S1 shop sends it up to be corrected…only send copies not originals,.