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Is Cyprian Ekwensi still alive?

Is Cyprian Ekwensi still alive?

Deceased (1921–2007)
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What does the novel Jagua Nana talk about?

Jagua Nana is a 1961 novel by Nigerian novelist Cyprian Ekwensi. The novel focuses on the contradictions within the life of an aging sex worker, the title character Jagua Nana. The novel is set in the city of Lagos.

Where is Cyprian Ekwensi from?

Minna, Nigeria
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Cyprian Ekwensi, in full Cyprian Odiatu Duaka Ekwensi, (born Sept. 26, 1921, Minna, Nigeria—died Nov. 4, 2007, Enugu), Igbo novelist, short-story writer, and children’s author whose strength lies in his realistic depiction of the forces that have shaped the African city dweller.

Who wrote Jagua Nana?

Cyprian Ekwensi
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When did Cyprian Ekwensi’s Jagua Nana come out?

Ekwensi’s most widely read novel, Jagua Nana, appeared in 1961. It was a return to the locale of People of the City but boasted a much more cohesive plot centered on the character of Jagua, a courtesan who had a love for the expensive. Even her name was a corruption of the expensive English auto.

Who is the main character in Jagua Nana?

Jagua Nana (1961), Ekwensi’s most successful novel, has as its protagonist Jagua, a charming, colourful, and impressive prostitute. Around her, Ekwensi sets in motion a whole panoply of vibrant, amoral characters who have rejected their rural origins and adopted the opportunistic, pleasure-seeking urban lifestyle. Similar…

What kind of book did Cyprian Ekwensi write?

Ekwensi began his writing career as a pamphleteer, and this perhaps explains the episodic nature of his novels. This tendency is well illustrated by People of the City (1954), in which Ekwensi gave a vibrant portrait of life in a West African city. It was the first major novel to be published by a Nigerian.

Where was Cyprian duaka Ekwensi born and raised?

Cyprian Odiatu Duaka Ekwensi was born at Minna in Northern Nigeria on September 26, 1921. He later lived in Onitsha in the Eastern area. He was educated at Achimota College, in lbadan, the Gold Coast, and at the Chelsea School of Pharmacy of London University.