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Is Acura RDX better than Honda CRV?

Is Acura RDX better than Honda CRV?

The Honda CR-V is more efficient than the Acura RDX No matter which way you slice it, the Honda CR-V’s turbocharged 1.5-liter, four-cylinder engine is much more efficient than the 2.0-liter found under the hood of the RDX. So if you don’t care as much about power, then the CR-V is the wiser choice.

Does the Acura MDX have a smooth ride?

Smooth and efficient operation Under its hood, the Acura MDX has a 3.5-liter V6 capable of 290 hp and 267 lb-ft of torque. The MDX also rides smoothly, so drivers won’t have to worry about little ones being jostled around in the back.

What’s the difference between the MDX and the RDX?

While the MDX offers room for seven, it’s actually smaller than the RDX in terms of first- and second-row interior dimensions. Up front, the RDX offers 39.6 inches of headroom and 41.6 inches of legroom. Second-row RDX passengers get 38.3 inches of headroom and 38.4 inches of legroom.

What are the features of the Acura MDX?

Like the 2021 RDX, AcuraWatch™ comes standard on every 2022 MDX. Our innovative safety and driver assistance technologies – Collision Mitigation Braking with Advanced Pedestrian Detection, Lane Keeping Assist, Road Departure Mitigation, Adaptive Cruise Control, Traffic Jam Assist and more – help you drive with greater confidence. 3

What kind of SUV is the Acura RDX?

The Acura SUV lineup includes two remarkable models. Compare the 2021 RDX Premium Sport Crossover SUV to the 2022 MDX Premium Performance SUV to find your drive. Interested in Acura sedans?

Is the 2019 Chevy MDX a good car?

The 2019 RDX and the 2019 MDX both earn good scores across the board in crash testing conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, with the MDX earning a Top Safety Pick designation and the RDX earning Top Safety Pick+ honors. Both vehicles also offer standard driver-assistance safety features.