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Is Acererak an Archlich?

Is Acererak an Archlich?

Whenever Acererak the Archlich attacks, for each opponent, you create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token unless that player sacrifices a creature. …

Is Acererak dead?

Phylactery. As a lich, Acererak cannot be permanently slain without also destroying his phylactery. The exact form and location of his phylactery is one of the greatest secrets in the multiverse, and unknown even to the gods, but it is believed to be kept hidden in some unknown secret demiplane.

What CR is Acererak?

Acererak earns his CR of 23, and at first it may seem insane to throw him at a party who just beat a gauntlet of other horrors while they’re only 10th level!

Who is Acererak Ready Player One?

Description. Acererak was a powerful king who became a lich, and later a demilich. He appears in the original Tomb of Horrors adventure by Gary Gygax as the main adversary, and later as the guardian of the Copper Key, during the quest for Halliday’s Egg.

Are there any affiliate links for the archlich?

Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Unlike most other forms of undead creatures, the archlich retained all of the memories, personality, and abilities that it possessed in life—but it had a virtual eternity to hone its skills and inevitably became very powerful.

Who is Acererak in tomb of annihilation?

This centuries-old, planeswalking master wizard was once a cambion (half-fiend) from the world of Greyhawk (Oerth), the son of an Orcus-worshipping balor and for a time the apprentice of the infamous Vecna (before the latter ascended to godhood).

How much damage does Acererak do per round?

Most of Acererak’s spells do on average less than 50 hit points of damage and thus won’t even penetrate the 50 temporary hit points per round. (Excepting Power Word Kill.) Here is a list of spells and their rough approximate damage. The result of this damage mitigation is that:

When did Acererak go to the Negative Energy Plane?

At some unknown time not long before the late 1480s DR, Acererak traveled to the Negative Energy plane and found an atropal there, which he decided to nourish to godhood. For that purpose, he built a powerful artifact called the Soulmonger and placed it in one of the tombs he possessed, the Tomb of the Nine Gods.