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Is a tibial plateau fracture serious?

Is a tibial plateau fracture serious?

Patients with tibia plateau fractures are at risk for a serious condition called compartment syndrome. This occurs when the pressure in the leg gets too high for blood and oxygen to circulate. Eventually, the muscle will die if this goes untreated.

What is medial tibial plateau?

The tibial plateau is a bony surface on the top of the lower leg (shin) bone that connects with the thigh bone (femur). The medial tibial plateau is the surface on the side corresponding to your big toe, whereas the lateral tibial plateau is on the side corresponding to your pinky toe.

Where is the tibial plateau in the knee?

Via the medial and lateral menisci the tibial plateau articulates with the medial and femoral condyles to form the tibiofemoral part of the knee joint . the tibial plateau slopes posteroinferiorly 10-15 degrees; thus anterior tibial plateau fractures may be occult on AP projections

What’s the difference between a type IV tibial plateau fracture?

Type IV is a medial tibial plateau fracture with a split or depressed component. These fractures occur as a result of varus forces combined with axial loading in a hyperflexed knee. Type IV fractures have the worst prognosis. Type V fracture consists of a wedge fracture of the medial and lateral tibial plateau,…

What kind of physical therapy is used for tibia plateau fractures?

Physical Therapy Standard of Care: Tibial Plateau Fracture Case Type / Diagnosis: ICD-9: 823.00 – fracture of proximal tibia Tibial plateau fractures can occur as a result of high-energy trauma or in low-energy trauma when bone quality is poor. The most common mechanism of injury is motor vehicle accident,

What causes a wedge shaped fracture on the tibial plateau?

• Schatzker VI: tibial plateau fracture with diaphyseal discontinuity. A type I fracture is a wedge-shaped pure cleavage fracture of the lateral tibial plateau, with a displacement or depression less than 4mm. They are caused by the lateral femoral condyle being driven into the articular surface of the tibial plateau.