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How to do cross reference search for transistors?

How to do cross reference search for transistors?

Datasheet. Cross Reference Search. Transistor Database. All Transistors. Datasheet. Cross Reference Search

Are there any tables d’Equivalence for transistors?

TABLES D’EQUIVALENCE TRANSISTORS TRANSISTOREN VERGELIJKINGSTABELLEN TRANSISTORES-EQUIVALENCIAS TRANSISTORES Y REEMPLAZAOS INTRODUCTION Up to now, to the best knowledge of the author, there has been no book available at a reasonable price to assist Ser- vice Engineers, Home Constructors, Designers and Amat-

Which is the best result for bc516 ( 12 )?

BC516 (12) recommended result. SEMTECH ELECTRONICS LTD… Jiangsu Changjiang Elec… Siemens Semiconductor G… PNP Silicon Darlington Transistor (High current gain High collector current) COMPLEMENTARY SILICON PLANAR EPITAXIAL DARLINGTON TRANSISTOR

Is there an absolute equivalent to a transistor?

It will be realised by all users of transistors, that one can- not guarantee absolute equivalents as in the case of many electronic valves. Therefore, the only way to handle the

What is Adi cross reference and obsolete products search?

ADI CROSS-REFERENCE AND OBSOLETE PART SEARCH. This cross-reference search will assist you in finding Analog Devices products that are equivalent, similar, substitute or alternate replacement to other Analog Devices products or products of other manufacturers. If you have questions or request assistance, please contact us .

How is the base current of a bipolar junction transistor controlled?

Bipolar transistors can be considered voltage-controlled devices (fundamentally the collector current is controlled by the base-emitter voltage; the base current could be considered a defect and is controlled by the characteristics of the base-emitter junction and recombination in the base).

What are the names of all transistors in the world?

MOSFET TOP30: IRF3205 | IRFZ44N | IRF740 | IRF540 | IRF840 | BS170 | IRFZ44 | IRF640 | IRF540N | 2N7000 | IRF630 | IRFP460 | IRFZ46N | IRF530 | IRF1404 | IRF3710 | IRFZ34N | IRFP250 | BUZ11 | RFP50N06 | IRF520 | IRFP450 | IRFB3306 | IRF510 | IRF830 | 2N5484 | IRF730 | IRF150 | STF5N52U | 2360

How often does the number of transistors on an IC doubling?

The curve shows counts doubling every two years, per Moore’s law. The transistor count is the number of transistors on an integrated circuit (IC). It typically refers to the number of MOSFETs (metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors, or MOS transistors) on an IC chip, as all modern ICs use MOSFETs.

What are the terminals of a field effect transistor?

For a field-effect transistor, the terminals are labeled gate, source, and drain, and a voltage at the gate can control a current between source and drain. The image represents a typical bipolar transistor in a circuit. Charge will flow between emitter and collector terminals depending on the current in the base.

How many transistors are in the Sunway TaihuLight?

is the Chinese-designed Sunway TaihuLight, which has for all CPUs/nodes (1 trillion for the 10 million cores and for RAM 10 15 for the 1.3 million GB) combined “about 400 trillion transistors in the processing part of the hardware” and “the DRAM includes about 12 quadrillion transistors, and that’s about 97 percent of all the transistors.”