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How old is Seiga Kaku?

How old is Seiga Kaku?

More than 1400 years old, likely older than her colleagues. Seiga Kaku (霍 青娥 Kaku Seiga) is a “wicked” hermit and the superior of Yoshika Miyako.

Is Seiga evil?

Seiga Kaku is a villainess from Touhou Project debuting in Ten Desires as a major antagonist. She was a Chinese human who had a large interest in Taoism and one day, she became a hermit. She used a technique she learnt from a book and faked her death.

How old is Yoshika Miyako?

He was 46 years old.

Does Seiga love Yoshika?

She is the manipulator of Yoshika Miyako who is a jiang shi. And she loves Yoshika very much. In Ten Desires, she appears as a Stage 4 boss at the underground deep cave of Myouren Temple’s graveyard, and in front of the gate which attach to Hall of Dreams’ Great Mausoleum.

What is the last name of Seija Touhou?

Her first name Seija (正邪) can be loosely translated as “good and evil” or “right and wrong.” Her last name Kijin (鬼人) is spelled with characters meaning ” oni ” and ” human “. ” 邪 ” and ” 鬼 ” are both characters that make up the name of her species: Amanojaku (天邪鬼).

Who is Toyosatomimi no Miko in Seiga Kaku Touhou?

Seizing the opportunity, she convinced Toyosatomimi no Miko, a well-known “virtuous person” considered by some to be a saint, to come to the side of Taoism. Their goal was to use it to achieve immortality, and their plan was to spread the ways of Buddhism throughout the country.

What’s the real name of seiga Kaku Touhou?

Her full name is Seiga Kaku (霍 青娥). Her nickname is Seiga Nyan Nyan (青娥 娘々, lit. “Lady Seiga”). Kaku (霍) is a genuine if uncommon Chinese surname pronounced “Huo” in Mandarin Chinese. Likewise, her given name Seiga (青娥)), is pronounced “Qing’e” in Mandarin Chinese and literally means “Blue/Green/Youth Beauty”.

What makes Seija Kijin Touhou a good character?

In general, no one liked her, and she liked that fact. She also tends to be talkative. As literally stated, Seija is able to turn over anything into its opposite state. This can be seen in her Spell Cards that flip the screen horizontally, vertically, and 180 degrees. Seija was the one who originally found the Miracle Mallet.